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What is thrive conference?

learn. unlearn. network.

Thrive Conference is an extension of The Immigrant Life, the Canadian narrative started by Dapo Bankole on July 1st 2018 with the aim of inspiring fellow immigrants to discover actionable insights that will help them thrive and make a difference in their chosen spheres of influence. He did this by putting a spotlight on his integration experiences and that of other first-generation Canadians, mining their collective intelligence and presenting these in the form of podcasts. Over the years, the community has continued to grow and based on the identified gap in the Canadian immigrant landscape, the idea for an annual Thrive Conference was born. 

Thrive Conference is the only time that first-generation Canadians and friends converge together under the same roof to learn, unlearn, and network from across Canada. Thrive Conference 2020 was the first in the series of these annual events. The conference brings together movers and shakers from around Canada and the world that are committed to supporting first-generation Canadian immigrants in their journey of integration.



Theme: Evolve - Developing Resilience for Life and Career!

what can thrive offer you?

a lot!

Thrive Conference offers amazing opportunities for everyone. The opportunities are limitless so all you need do is ask us about your idea. 9 out of 10 cases, our answer to you will likely be YES but ask. If you have a question or profile yourself as any of the following, then we should talk. 




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