What is thrive conference?

learn. unlearn. network.

Thrive Conference is an extension of The Immigrant Life, the Canadian narrative started by Dapo Bankole on July 1st 2018 with the aim of inspiring fellow immigrants to discover actionable insights that will help them thrive and make a difference in their chosen spheres of influence. He did this by putting a spotlight on his integration experiences and that of other first-generation Canadians, mining their collective intelligence and presenting these in the form of podcasts. Over the years, the community has continued to grow and based on the identified gap in the Canadian immigrant landscape, the idea for an annual Thrive Conference was born. 

Thrive Conference is the only time that first-generation Canadians and friends converge together under the same roof to learn, unlearn, and network from across Canada. Thrive Conference 2020 was the first in the series of these annual events. The conference brings together movers and shakers from around Canada and the world that are committed to supporting first-generation Canadian immigrants in their journey of integration.

what are the broad objectives?

to thrive and become positive influencers


We want to bond with others on the same integration journey with us

privileged information

We want to access reliable information that is relevant to our unique situation.

information detox

We want to unlearn any information that is not working for us or that is holding us back.

actionable insights

We want to walk away from the event with the start of a blueprint that we can consult in our pursuit of a colorful immigrant life.

critical mass influence

We want to establish our unity, identity, voice, and influence as first-generation Canadian immigrants.

what topical themes are usually covered?

8 core thrive pillars

family life hacks

Whether you are single, married, separated or divorced, there is a hack.

work/business and career

Canada is not your typical place, there are deep insights that you need.

canadian culture

We all get tripped up by this all the time so we talk about it. Always.

financial intelligence

We wish we were taught this in School. As immigrants, it even matters more.

mental wellness

Because most of us don't like to discuss this, we bring it up openly. Help is here.

relationship building

Life is all about relationships and learning to build, nurture, sustain and end one is key.

physical wellness

Societal status and material acquisition are meaningless without sound health. 

immigration tips

We were all once potential immigrants so we offer help to intending immigrants. 

Who is the event for?

immigrants & their friends

  • YOU! 
  • NEW Immigrants who have spent five years or less and need help to navigate and integrate successfully 
  • Established immigrants who want to break the metaphorical glass ceiling in their careers 
  • Accomplished immigrants who want to become successful influencers in their chosen areas of impact 
  • Immigrants who want to turn their side hustles into a full-time business 
  • Parents who need actionable insights on how to raise their kids successfully in Canada 
  • Immigrants who want to meet and network with others in their career line 
  • Aspiring immigrants who want practical helpful insights on how to become Canadian permanent residents 

what you can expect:

time well invested

  • Insightful, practical information shared by experts and organizations that are well-positioned to help in key areas of life.
  •  Inspiring stories of sweat, blood and triumphs of immigrants like us from various walks of life, career, business, and locations. 
    • Those who restarted their career successfully 
    • Those who changed careers 
    • Those who transitioned into business successfully 
    • Those in government and politics 
    • Those who raised families successfully in Canada 
    • Those who built their wealth from ground up as Canadian Immigrants!
  • Quality connections with people across Canada that resonate with our passion and life journey
  • A great quality, colorful and life-changing experience

get the most from thrive

how to prepare for the event

Make the most of the event because it happens just once a year! Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." Thrive conference creates the perfect and safe environment for this.

9 Ways to Get the Most from Thrive Conference:

  1. Decide what you want to get out of the conference. 
  2. When you are at the event, stay at the event. Focus. 
  3. Come prepared with questions and an open heart. 
  4. Take a bet on yourself, your future and family by attending both free and premium sessions.
  5. Dare to make new connections. Whether virtual or in-person, make friends. It's a small world. 
  6. Attend premium (paid) sessions, if any. 
  7. Sponsor someone to premium sessions. Invest in others, it's fulfilling.
  8. Visit the sponsor booths and engage their representatives. Luck happens in unexpected places. 
  9. Invite friends, families, colleagues, and neighbors. Don't forget your frenemies too ;)